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Game Name ›› Laplace´s Demon
Japanese Name ›› Laplace no Ma
Published on ›› July 14th, '95
Published by ›› Vic Tokai
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› RPG
Total Progress ›› 95%
Laplace´s Demon

Laplace´s Demon is a Sweet Home-like RPG for the SNES. It takes place in a suburb of Boston in 1924. You can pick from one of six or so classes at the start of the game (Detective, Journalist, Psychic, etc) and you can recruit other members, and it plays a lot like a normal RPG. It also seems to be one of the first games to pioneer a limit-break like system, which is now in use in a lot of games :P

The focus of the game leans heavily towards exploration. The max experience level is 10, and you get just as much EXP from solving puzzles and finding new places as you do from killing monsters. You also get most of your cash from photographing spooks and selling the pictures. It's a pretty neat game!

The old version of the patch is playable, but only just. The battle menus and subscreens are badly glitched, and the text is wooden. A newer version with an updated script and fixed text printing is nearly done; it basically needs one or two more small ASM hacks and a full script edit before it's done.

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