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Game Name ›› King of Demons
Japanese Name ›› Majuu-Ou
Published on ›› August 25th, '95
Published by ›› KSS
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Platformer
First Release ›› February 14th, '03
Current Version ›› 1.01
Released on ›› August 19th, '05

Download ››   v1.01 Patch (downloaded 947 times)
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King of Demons

Interesting little platformer here, with an extremely dark storyline and an equally dark setting. Play as Abel as he journeys through hell (literally) to save his daughter from the King of Demons and quite possibly loses his humanity in the process! It´s a fairly generic sidescroller with a few twists, a lot of blood, and some pretty damn cool moments, but I really can´t say anything more without taking away from the experience. Play!

I apologize for the rather absurd brightness on the screenshots in some browsers, by the way. I was using an older version of zsnes to test the game...

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