project "Slime Morimori Dragon Quest"
Project Info
Game Name ›› Slime Morimori Dragon Quest
Published on ›› November 14th, '03
Published by ›› Square-Enix
Platform ›› GBA
Genre ›› Action/RPG
Total Progress ›› 55%
Slime Morimori Dragon Quest

A Momonja gang called the Tail Brigade has sacked Sulan Village and captured Slalin´s friends, and it´s up to the little blue slime to get them all back! That´s the basic gist of the story in Slime Morimori Dragon Quest, a quirky, fun little game you probably wouldn´t expect to see as an "official" Dragon Quest. It doesn´t play like a Dragon Quest at all, but it´s a hell of a lot of fun for a slightly different Zelda clone.

Currently, the text has translated, thanks to Tom/DDS! The current screenshots showcase the translated introduction courtesy of Tomato and Shih Tzu; the latest hacking work is not yet on display.

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