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Game Name ›› Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
Published on ›› June 28th, '01
Developed by ›› Tri-Ace
Published by ›› Enix
Platform ›› GBC
Genre ›› RPG
Total Progress ›› 60%
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. Does this really need an introduction? It´s a sequel/sidestory to Star Ocrean: The Second Story for PlayStation. Combat plays more like Tales of Phantasia than it does Star Ocean, but it plays more like Star Ocean than Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon plays like Tales of Phantasia :P Not much to say on this ´cept that the ASM that needed to be done got done, and the screenshots demonstrate this. We used to only have a single, 14 character line for the combat text... Well, anyway, that font´s -not- the final font. Ideally, I want the game to be VWF with the same font that Golden Sun´s battles have (and yes, I´ve already extracted it.) Enough of my babbling, though. Anyone want to translate?

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